Frequently Asked Questions

All you wanted to know about Mastering PostgreSQL in Application Development, the book you need to read as a developer to level-up your SQL game!

The book isn’t what I expected it would be, at all.

Mastering PostgreSQL in Application Development is a book that teaches SQL to application developers. If it’s not of any value to you, then just say so and I’ll refund you, no question asked.

Is there any DRM?

No. There isn’t even watermarking on the PDF. You own what you buy.

The sources of data selected for the book are all available with Open Data types of licenses, and the book itself is © Dimitri Fontaine, all rights reserved.

I selected the “Dead Tree Edition”, can I have the electronic versions too?

Yes of course. The thing is, Lulu doesn’t send the electronic package automatically. Forward me your Lulu receipt and I will happily send you the electronic package. This includes the PDF, ePub and MOBI versions of the book.

My e-mail address is dim at

Any other question?

Contact me by email and just ask! I will do my best to answer you.