SQL is Code

Learn how to deal with SQL in your developer workflow: versioning, testing, code reviewing, deployment. Best practice and tools are covered.

Practical Examples

Learn advanced SQL with practical examples and datasets that help you get the most of the book! Every query solves a practical use case and is given in context.

Database Modeling

The book covers (de-)normalisation with simple practical examples to dive into this seemingly complex topic, including Caching and Indexing Strategy.

SQL For Developers

This book is for developers, covering advanced SQL techniques for data processing. Learn how to get exactly the result set you need in your application’s code!

Write Efficient SQL

Writing efficient SQL is easier than it looks, and begins with database modeling and writing clear code. The book teaches you how to write fast queries!

Batteries Included

The book comes with open data sets and instructions to get them so that you can run all the SQL queries at home, edit them and learn from them. Advanced psql setup is even included!


Mastering PostgreSQL in Application Development includes interviews from developpers and SQL masters. PHP, Java, Python and Django get specific treatment in the book, which targets all application developers, whatever the language in use!

About the Author

Hi! My name is Dimitri Fontaine and I have been using and contributing to Open Source Software for the best of the last twenty years. I am a PostgreSQL Major Contributor and author of the pgloader data loading utility, with fully automated support for database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL! Or from SQLite, or MS SQL, and more.

I took role as developer, maintainer, packager, release manager, software architect, database architect and administrator, sometimes devops. In the same time frame, I also have started several companies (they are still thriving) with a strong Open Source business model, and I have been in manager positions at times too, including at the Executive level in big companies.

I run a blog at tapoueh.org with in-depth articles showing advanced use cases for SQL in my PostgreSQL is YeSQL series, check it out!