Mastering PostgreSQL

Learn to use SQL to easily solve complex problems!

Mastering PostgreSQL in Application Development

I am writing a book to share my knowledge about how to best use PostgreSQL as an application developer. If you’ve ever asked yourself how much should I have my database do for me? this book is for you. If you’re thinking that using an ORM might not always be the best option out there, if sometimes you wish SQL was easier to maintain than those concatenated strings with conditionals, then this book can’t wait for you!

Mastering PostgreSQL in Application Development is answering practical questions every developer is confronted to when using PostgreSQL. For instance, should PostgreSQL be a convenient remote storage facility, or is there something more to it that comes with those ACID properties?

About the Author

Hi! My name is Dimitri Fontaine and I have been using and contributing to Open Source Software for the best of the last twenty years. I took role as developer, maintainer, packager, release manager, software architect, database architect and administrator, sometimes devops. In the same time frame, I also have started several companies (they are still thriving) with a strong Open Source business model, and I have been in manager positions at times too, including at the Executive level in big companies.

I run a blog at with in-depth articles showing advanced use cases for SQL in my PostgreSQL is YeSQL series, check it out!